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Kingfisher East Bengal FC Player New Zealand World Cupper Leo Bertos match Highlights 2014 on EBRP Tv

Mon Jul 21 2014


Mehtab Hossain Welcomes Leo Bartos to East Bengal Club

Mon Jul 21 2014


Kingfisher East Bengal FC (India) rope in Leo Bertos (New Zealand) as Marquee player for I League 2014-2015

Sun Jul 20 2014


Kiwi World Cupper Leo Batrtos in East Bengal as Marquee player

Sat Jul 19 2014


An appeal to the entire East Bengal fraternity through out the World

Fri Jul 18 2014


Mohun Bagan Goalkeeper Shilton Pal tries to injure Edeh Chidi in the First Derby Match of I League 2013-14

Fri Jul 18 2014


East Bengal Coach Armando Colacoís name recommended for Dronacharya Award by AIFF

Thu Jul 17 2014


Ranti Martins is in full focus to bring I League to East Bengal Club

Mon Jul 14 2014


East Bengal in talks with New Zealand World Cupper Leo Bertos

Mon Jul 14 2014


Ex-Liverpool striker Eccleston is on East Bengalís marquee foreigner shortlist

Mon Jul 14 2014


vs Forgien Club
against Foreign counterparts

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